Thermal Efficiency

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Thermal efficiency, abbreviated as \(\eta_{th}\) (Greek symbol eta), a dimensionless number, is the fraction of heat that is converted to work or desired output divided by required input.


Thermal efficiency Formula

\(\large{ \eta_{th}  =  \frac{ W }{ Q_H }  }\) 
Symbol English Metric
\(\large{ \eta_{th} }\)  (Greek symbol eta) = thermal efficiency \(\large{dimensionless}\)  
\(\large{ W }\) = work out  \(\large{ ft-lbf }\) \(\large{J}\) 
\(\large{ Q_H }\) = heat input \(\large{\frac{Btu}{lbm}}\)  \(\large{\frac{J}{kg}}\) 


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