ASME B16.34 - Group 2, Material Spec, Austenitic Steel

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American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)


  • ASME B16.34 - Valves Flanged, Threaded and Welding End


ASME B16.34 - Group 2 - Material Specifications, Austenitic Steel

  • Austenitic Steel - 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 2.6, 2.7, 2.8

Group No.

Material Nominal


2.1 18CR-8NI

A182 Gr. F304
A182 Gr. F304H
A351 Gr. CF3
A351 Gr. CF8
A240 Gr. 304
A240 Gr. 340H
A182 Gr. F304
A182 Gr. F304H
A479 Gr. 304
A479 Gr. 304H
A312 Gr. TP304
A312 Gr. TP304H
A358 Gr. 304
A376 Gr. TP304
A376 Gr. TP304H
A430 Gr. FP304
A430 Gr. FP304H
2.2 16CR-12NI-2MO




A182 Gr. F316
A182 Gr. F316H


A351 Gr. CF3A
A351 Gr. CF8A

A351 Gr. CF3M
A351 Gr. CF8M
A351 Gr. CG8M

A240 Gr. 316
A240 Gr. 316H

A240 Gr. 317


A182 Gr. F316
A182 Gr. F316H
A479 Gr. 316
A479 Gr. 316H



A312 Gr. TP316
A312 Gr. TP316H
A358 Gr. 316
A376 Gr. TP316
A376 Gr. TP316H
A430 Gr. FP316
A430 Gr. FP316H

A312 Gr. TP317

2.3 18CR-8NI

A182 Gr. F304L

A182 Gr. F316L

- A240 Gr. 304L

A240 Gr. 316L

A182 Gr. F304L
A479 Gr. 304L
A182 Gr. F316L
A479 Gr. 316L
A312 Gr. TP304L

A312 Gr. TP316L
2.4 18CR-10NI-TI


A182 Gr. F321
A182 Gr. F321H
- A240 Gr. 321
A240 Gr. 321H


A182 Gr. F321
A479 Gr. 321
A182 Gr. F321H
A479 Gr. 321H
A312 Gr. TP321
A312 Gr. TP321H
A358 Gr. 321
A376 Gr. TP321
A376 Gr. TP321H
A430 Gr. FP321
A430 Gr. FP321H
2.5 18CR-10NI-CB A182 Gr. F347
A182 Gr. F347H
A182 Gr. F348
A182 Gr. F348H


A351 Gr. CF8C A240 Gr. 347
A240 Gr. 347H
A240 Gr. 348
A240 Gr. 348H


A182 Gr. F347
A182 Gr. F347H
A182 Gr. F348
A182 Gr. F348H
A479 Gr. 347

A479 Gr. 347H
A479 Gr. 348
A479 Gr. 348H

A312 Gr. TP347
A312 Gr. TP347H
A358 Gr. TP347
A376 Gr. TP347
A376 Gr. TP347H
A376 Gr. TP348
A430 Gr. FP347
A430 Gr. FP347H
A312 Gr. TP348
A312 Gr. TP348H
2.6 25CR-12NI

- A351 Gr. CH8
A351 Gr. CH20

A240 Gr. 309S
A240 Gr. 309H


A312 Gr. TP309H
A358 Gr. 309H

2.7 25CR-20NI A182 Gr. F310H


A351 Gr. CK20


A240 Gr. 310S
A240 Gr. 310H
A182 Gr. F310H
A479 Gr. 310H
A479 Gr. 310S
A312 Gr. TP310H

A358 Gr. 310H

2.8 20CR-18NI-6MO




A182 Gr. F44

A182 Gr. F51

A182 Gr. F53

A182 Gr. F55

A351 Gr. CK3MCuN


A351 Gr. CE8MN
A351 Gr. CD4MCu
A351 Gr. CD3MWCuN

A240 Gr. S31254

A240 Gr. S31803

A240 Gr. S32750

A240 Gr. S32760

A479 Gr. S31254
A479 Gr. S31803
A479 Gr. S32750


A312 Gr. S31254
A358 Gr. S31254
A789 Gr. S31803
A790 Gr. S31803
A789 Gr. S32750
A790 Gr. S32750

A789 Gr. S32760
A790 Gr. S32760

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