Shrinkage Limit

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Shrinkage limit, abbreviated as SL, is the maximum water content at which further reduction in the water content will not cause decrease in volume of soil.


Shrinkage limit formula

\(\large{ SL = \frac{ \left(m_1 \;-\; m_2\right)  \;-\;  \left(V_1 \;-\; V_2\right)  \; PL  }{ m_2 }   }\)   


\(\large{ SL }\) = shrinkage limit

\(\large{ m_1 }\)  = inlet wet mass of soil

\(\large{ m_2 }\)  = final dry mass of soil

\(\large{ V_1 }\)  = inlet volume of soil

\(\large{ V_2 }\)  = final volume of dry soil

\(\large{ PL }\)  =  plastic limit


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