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Anchor tee pipe support, also called T-anchor or anchor tee, is a type of pipe support used in industrial piping systems to prevent the axial movement or displacement of pipes.  It is especially useful in situations where pipes are subjected to thermal expansion, contraction, or other forces that could potentially cause the pipes to shift or move longitudinally.

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The anchor tee pipe support consists of a tee-shaped or T-shaped component that is attached to the pipe and anchored to a stable structure, such as a wall, floor, or structural beam.  The horizontal part of the tee is attached to the pipe, while the vertical part of the tee is securely anchored to the structure.  This configuration effectively restrains the pipe from moving in the axial direction while still allowing for thermal expansion and contraction.

Key Points about Anchor Tee Pipe Support

  • Axial Restraint  -  The main purpose of an anchor tee is to restrain axial movement of the pipe.  When the pipe experiences thermal expansion, it pushes against the anchor tee, and when it contracts, the anchor tee helps prevent the pipe from pulling away from its original position.
  • Thermal Expansion Compensation  -  Anchor tee supports are designed to allow controlled movement due to thermal expansion and contraction, preventing excessive stress on the pipe and the surrounding equipment.
  • Stability  -  By anchoring the tee to a stable structure, the support enhances the overall stability of the piping system and reduces the risk of pipe misalignment or failure.
  • Maintenance of Alignment  -  The anchor tee helps maintain the alignment of pipes, ensuring the smooth flow of fluids or gases through the piping system.
  • Load Transfer  -  In addition to axial forces, anchor tee supports can also help transfer other loads and forces, such as vertical loads and moments, from the pipe to the supporting structure.

The design and installation of anchor tee pipe supports should follow industry specific guidelines and engineering standards to ensure their effectiveness and safety.  Proper consideration should be given to factors such as pipe material, pipe size, temperature variations, and the specific loads and forces that the system will experience.  Anchor tee pipe supports are just one type of support in a range of options available for piping systems.  The choice of support type depends on the specific requirements of the application and the characteristics of the piping system.


Rounded Footing

PS Anchor Tee 11BAnchor Round Footing

PS Anchor Tee 12BRound Footing Plan

PS Anchor Tee 13BRound Footing











 ISO Anchor Tee 11ISO Left PlaneISO Anchor Tee 12ISO Left PlaneISO Anchor Tee 13ISO Right PlaneISO Anchor Tee 14ISO Right Plane








Square Footing

PS Anchor Tee 21BAnchor Square Footing

PS Anchor Tee 22BSquare Footing Plan

PS Anchor Tee 23BSquare Footing











ISO Anchor Tee 21ISO Left Plane

 ISO Anchor Tee 22ISO Left PlaneISO Anchor Tee 23ISO Right PlaneISO Anchor Tee 24ISO Right Plane









 Anchor Support Pipe Clamp

PS Anchor Tee 14BAnchor Pipe Clamp











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