Total Load per Unit Length

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Total load per unit length, abbreviated as \(w'\), is the load applied per unit length of the pipe.  Compressive stress is the force that is responsible for the deformation of the material such that the volume of the material reduces.


Total load per unit length formula

\(\large{ w' = \left( t \; \sigma_c \right) - w }\)
Symbol English Metric
\(\large{ w' }\) = total load per unit length \(\large{\frac{lbf}{in}}\)  \(\large{\frac{N}{m}}\) 
\(\large{ \sigma_c }\) (Greek symbol sigma) = compressive stress \(\large{\frac{lbf}{in^2}}\)  \(\large{Pa}\) 
\(\large{ w }\) = load per unit length \(\large{\frac{lbf}{in}}\)  \(\large{\frac{N}{m}}\) 
\(\large{ t }\) = thickness through an object \(\large{in}\)  \(\large{m}\) 


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