Electric Field Intensity

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Electric field intensity, abbreviated as \(E_i\), also called electric field strength, is a vector quantity that represents the amount of electric force experienced by a unit positive charge placed at a point in an electric field.  It is the space around an electrically charge body in which a charge experiences a force of attraction or repulsion.  The electric field intensity due to a positive charge is always directed away from the charge, and the intensity due to a negative charge is always directed towards the charge.

For a system of multiple charges, the total electric field at a point is the vector sum of the individual electric fields produced by each charge.  The intensity of the electric field at any point due to a number of charges is equal to the vector sum of the intensities produced by the separate charges.


Electric field Intensity formula

\( E_i  =   F \;/\; Q \)     (Electric Field Intensity)

\( F  =  E_i \; Q  \)

\( Q  =  F \;/\; E_i \)

Symbol English Metric
\(E_i \) = electric field intensity - \(V\;/\;m\)
\( Q \) = electric charge \( C \)  \(A-s\)
\( F_e \) = electrostatic force \( lbf \)  \(N\)


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