Spring Wire Diameter

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When designing or selecting a spring, the wire diameter is a critical parameter that impacts various aspects of the spring's performance and suitability for specific applications.  The wire diameter is the thickness of the wire used to manufacture the spring.

Spring Wire Diameter Considerations

  • Spring Rate (Stiffness)  -  The wire diameter significantly affects the spring rate, or stiffness.  A larger wire diameter increases the stiffness of the spring.
  • Load Capacity  -  Thicker wire diameters allow the spring to handle higher loads without permanent deformation or failure.  The load capacity of a spring is directly related to the strength of the wire material and its diameter.
  • Stress Distribution and Fatigue Life  -  The internal stress distribution within the spring is influenced by the wire diameter.  Larger diameters generally reduce the stress concentration in the wire, potentially increasing the fatigue life of the spring.  In applications involving cyclic loading, selecting an appropriate wire diameter to minimize stress and maximize fatigue life is crucial.
  • Spring Index  -  The spring index is the ratio of the mean coil diameter to the wire diameter.
  • Solid Height  -  The solid height is the height of the spring when all coils are compressed together.  Ensure that the solid height is compatible with the space constraints in the application.
  • Manufacturing Constraints   -  The manufacturability of the spring is affected by the wire diameter.  Very thin or very thick wires may pose challenges in winding, handling, and processing.  Work with spring manufacturers to ensure the chosen wire diameter is feasible for production and meets quality standards.
  • Material Selection  -  The material of the wire also affects the properties of the spring, including its strength, elasticity, and corrosion resistance.  The choice of material can influence the optimal wire diameter for a given application.  Select a material that complements the wire diameter to achieve the desired mechanical properties and durability.


Spring Wire Diameter formula

\( d =  D_o - D_i \;/\; 2 \)

\( D_o = 2 \; d + D_i \)

\( D_i = D_o - 2 \; d  \)

Symbol English Metric
\( d \) = wire diameter \( in \) \( mm \)
\( D_i \) = inner diameter \( in \) \( mm \)
\( D_o \) = outer diameter \( in \) \( mm \)


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