Coulomb's Constant

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ohms pie chart 1Coulomb constant, abbreviated as \(k_e, k, or K\), is the electric force constant, or the electrostatic constant, it is a proportionality constant in electrostatics equations.  When charged particles interact, a force repels or attracts the particles.  In vacuum, Coulomb's constant determines the strength of the electrostatic force between two stationary charged particles.  It is analogous to the gravitational constant in Newton's law of universal gravitation, which determines the strength of the gravitational force between two masses.


Coulomb's Constant Formula

\( k_e =  m_p \; l_p^3 \;/\; q_p^2 \; t_p^2 \)
Symbol English Metric
\( k_e \) = Coulmbo's constant (See Physics Constant) \(lbf-ft^2 \;/\; F^2\) \(N-m^2 \;/\; C^2\)
\( m_p \) = Planck mass \(lbm\) \(kg\)
\( l_p \) = Planck length \(ft\) \(m\)
\( q_p \) = Planck charge \(C\) \(A-s\)
\( t_p \) = Planck time \(sec\) \(s\)


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