Hydraulic Radius of a Pipe

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hydraulic radius of a pipe more than half 1hydraulic radius of a pipe less than half 1Hydraulic radius, abbreviated as \(r_h\), also called hydraulic mean radius, is a measure of the area cross-section available for flow in an open channel or pipe.  It is used in fluid mechanics and in calculations related to fluid flow, such as in the Manning's equation for open channel flow or the Darcy-Weisbach equation for pipe flow. 







Hydraulic radius of a Pipe formula

\( r_h =   A_c \;/\; P_w \) 

\( A_c =  r_h \; P_w \) 

\( P_w =  A_c \;/\; r_h \) 

Solve for rh

area cross-section, Ac
wetting perimeter, Pw

Solve for Ac

hydraulic radius, rh
wetting perimeter, Pw

Solve for Pw

area cross-section, Ac
hydraulic radius, rh

Symbol English Metric
\( r_h \) = hydraulic radius \( in \) \(mm\)
\( A_c \) = area cross-section of flow \( in^2 \) \( mm^2 \)
\( P_w \) = wetting perimeter \( in \) \( mm \)


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