Dew Point

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Dew point, abbreviated as \(T_d\) is the temperature at which air must be cooled to become saturated with water vapor.  It is porportional to the amount of water vapor in a given amount of air and when the dew point is raised the more water vapor present, also the opposite.


Dew Point formula

\(\large{ T_d =  T -  \frac{ 100 \;-\; RH  }{ 5 }  }\) 
Symbol English Metric
\(\large{ T_d }\) = dew point \(\large{F}\) \(\large{C}\)
\(\large{ RH }\) = relative humidity \(\large{dimensionless}\)
\(\large{ T }\) = temperature \(\large{F}\) \(\large{C}\)


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