Saturated Steam

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Saturated steam is the point (temperature and pressure) when steam is in contact with the liquid water (boiling) it came from.  This steam contains small quanities of water and is considered to be wet steam.



Steam quality or steam dryness is the porportion of saturated steam (vapor) in a saturated condensate (liquid) / steam (vapor) mixture.  A steam quality of 0 indicates 100% liquid (condensate), a quality of 100 indicates 100% steam.  One (1) pound of steam with 95% steam and 5% of liquid has a steam quality of 0.95.

The measuremenrs needed to obtain a steam quality measurement are temperature, pressure, and the entrapment of liquid content.  There is a proportional relationship between temperature and pressure in saturated steam, as the temperature rises so does the pressure. 


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