Planck Temperature

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Planck temperature, abbreviated as \(tT_p\), is a fundamental unit in the system of Planck units.  This temperature is the highest theoretically possible temperature in the universe according to current physical theories.  It is derived from fundamental constants such as the speed of light, the gravitational constant, and the reduced Planck constant

At temperatures close to the Planck temperature, the effects of quantum gravity become significant, and conventional physical theories such as general relativity and quantum field theory are expected to break down.  Thus, the Planck temperature serves as a fundamental limit beyond which our current understanding of physics cannot describe the universe accurately.


 Planck temperature Formula

\( T_p = E_p\;/\;k\)     (Planck Temperature)

\( E_p = T_p \; k\)

\( k = E_p\;/\;T_p\)

Symbol English Metric
\( T_p \) = Planck temperature (See Physics Constants) \(F\)  \(K\) 
\( E_p \) = Planck energy \(lbf-ft\) \(J\)
\( k \) = Boltzmann constant \(lbm-ft^2\;/\;sec^2\)   \(kJ\;/\;molecule-K\)


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