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Cantilever pipe support is used to hold and secure pipes that are extended horizontally from a wall or structure, without the need for additional support beneath the pipe.  The term "cantilever" refers to a structural element that is anchored on one end and protrudes horizontally, without any additional support on the free end.  In the context of pipe supports, a cantilever pipe support is designed to provide horizontal support to pipes that might be located in situations where it's not feasible or practical to install vertical supports beneath them.  This could be due to space limitations, structural considerations, or other factors.

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Key Points about cantilever pipe support

  • Bracket or Arm  -  The cantilever support typically consists of a bracket or arm that is securely anchored to a wall, column, or other structural element.  This bracket extends outward horizontally.
  • Pipe Rest  -  The outer end of the bracket has a mechanism to hold and secure the pipe.  This could be a saddle shaped cradle or other configurations that prevent the pipe from sliding off.

Common Uses of Cantilever pipe supports

  • Pipelines on Walls  -  When pipes need to run along walls without touching the ground or other structures, cantilever supports can be used to hold the pipes in place.
  • Pipes Above Equipment  -  In industrial settings, where pipes might need to pass over equipment or machinery, cantilever supports can help suspend the pipes without interfering with the equipment.
  • Building Facades  -  In some architectural designs, pipes might need to be placed along the exterior of a building's fa├žade.  Cantilever supports can help achieve this while maintaining a clean appearance.
  • Aesthetic Considerations  -  In certain scenarios, installing vertical supports might be undesirable due to aesthetic reasons.  Cantilever supports can offer a solution by allowing pipes to extend horizontally.

It's important to note that while cantilever supports provide horizontal support, they do not provide vertical support or resistance against vertical loads.  Therefore, their use should be carefully considered based on the specific requirements of the application and the structural integrity of the installation.  Designing and implementing cantilever pipe supports requires careful engineering to ensure that the selected support system can handle the weight and stress of the pipes, the materials being transported, and any potential dynamic forces such as vibrations or thermal expansion.

Angle Iron Support

Cantilever S 11ABeam Side Weld

Cantilever S 12ABeam Web Weld

Cantilever S 13ABeam Side Weld

Cantilever S 14ABeam Web Weld









Cantilever S 15ABeam End Weld

Cantilever S 16ABeam Flange Weld

Cantilever S 17ABeam End Weld

 Cantilever S 18ABeam Flange Weld








Beam Support

Cantilever S 21ABeam Side Weld

Cantilever S 22ABeam Web Weld

Cantilever S 23ABeam Side Weld

Cantilever S 24ABeam Web Weld









Cantilever S 25ABeam End Weld

Cantilever S 26ABeam Flange Weld

Cantilever S 27ABeam End Weld

Cantilever S 28ABeam Flange Weld









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