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  • DES - designer
  • DSGN - design
  • ACE - Architecture, Eengineering and Construction
  • CAD - Computer Aided Design
  • CADD - Computer Aided Design and Drafting
  • CAE - Computer Aided Engineering
  • CAM - Computer Aided Manufacturing
  • EDA - Electronic Design Automation


Designer Associations


Display #
12" Pig Launcher
12" Pig Receiver
6" Pig Launcher
6" Pig Receiver
8" Pig Launcher
8" Pig Receiver
Anchor Tee Pipe Support
Angle Iron Pipe Support
Architectural Decimal Text Size and Scale Factor
Architectural Inch Text Size and Scale Factor
Cantilever Pipe Support
Cantilever Pipe Support Vessel
Chain Pipe Support
Clamp and Saddle Pipe Support
Concrete Anchoring
Design Aids
Dimension Line
Drawing Abbreviations
Drawing Revisions
Dummy Support
Electrical One Line Diagram
Electrical Schedule
Expansion Loop
Flange Plate Support
General Notes

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