Rotating Equipment

rotating equipment banner 2Rotating equipment is a general classification of mechanical equipment that simply moves products, gasses, liquids and solids through the system.  This is broken down further into four subcategories, auxiliary equipment, driven equipment, prime mover and transmission devices in which each of the equipment types will fall into.



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Nomenclature & Symbols


  • \( AEM \)  -  auxiliary equipment
  • \( DEM \)  -  driven equipment
  • \( PMVR \)  -  prime mover


rotating equipment Types

Auxiliary equipment  -  In general this is electronic equipment not in direct communication or under the control of the central processing unit:

  • Buffer Gas System
  • Cooling System
  • Lube and Seal System

Driven Equipment  -  Moves gasses, liquids and solids by the use of gears and belts.  Examples of driven equipment are: 

Prime Mover  -  This is the piece of equipment that first converts an energy source into a mechanical force.

Transmission Device  -  A transmission device transfers power from one piece of equipment to another.  Examples are: 


























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