Brinell Hardness Number

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brinell hardness numberBrinell hardness number, abbreviated as BHN or HB, is a value assigned to the hardness of metals and alloys.  To do this a steel ball is pressed into the surface of an object by a known load to deform the material.


Brinell Hardness Number formula

\(\large{ BHN = \frac{2\;F_a}{\pi \; D \; \left( D - \sqrt( D^2 - d^2)  \right) }  }\)    


\(\large{ BHN }\) = Brinell hardness number

\(\large{ F_a }\) = applied load

\(\large{ d }\) = diameter of depression

\(\large{ D }\) = diameter of steel ball

\(\large{ \pi }\) = Pi


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