Seepage Velocity

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tortuosity 2Seepage velocity, abbreviated as \(v_s\), represent the actual velocity of a fluid flowing through the void spaces in the soil.


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Seepage Velocity formula

\(\large{ v_s = \frac{ v \; A_c}{ A_v}   }\)
Symbol English Metric
\(\large{ v_s }\) = seepage velocity \(\large{\frac{ft}{sec}}\) \(\large{\frac{m}{s}}\)
\(\large{ A_c }\) = area cross-section of flow \(\large{ft^2}\) \(\large{m^2}\)
\(\large{ A_v }\) = area cross-section of voids \(\large{ft^2}\) \(\large{m^2}\)
\(\large{ v }\) = darcy velocity or flux \(\large{\frac{ft}{sec}}\) \(\large{\frac{m}{s}}\)


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