Water Cement Ratio

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Water cement ratio, abbreviated as \(\frac{w}{c}\), also called water to cement ratio, affects the strength of the concrete.  The ratio is used in both tensile and compressive strength analyses of Portland concrete cement.


Water Cement Ratio formula

\(\large{ \frac{w}{c} =  \frac{ w_m }{ w_c }  }\)  
Symbol English Metric
\(\large{ \frac{w}{c} }\) = water cement ratio \(\large{dimensionless}\)  
\(\large{ w_m }\)  = weight of mixing water \(\large{lbf}\) \(\large{N}\)
\(\large{ w_c }\)  = weight of cementitious material \(\large{lbf}\) \(\large{N}\)


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