Electric Current Density

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Current density, abbreviated as J, is the measure of current per unit of cross section. 


Current Density Formulas

\(\large{ J =  \frac{I}{A}  }\)   
\(\large{ J =  \frac{ E }{ G }  }\)   


 Units English SI
\(\large{ J }\) = current density \(\large{I\;R}\) \(\large{V}\)
\(\large{ A }\) = cross-section area of the conductor \(\large{in^2}\) \(\large{m^2}\)
\(\large{ I }\) = current through the conductor \(\large{\frac{V}{R}}\) \(\large{I}\)
\(\large{ G }\) = electric conductivity - \(\large{\frac{S}{m}}\)
\(\large{ E }\) = electric field - \(\large{\frac{V}{m}}\)


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