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Corrosion coupon, abbreviated as CC, is used to monitor the corrosion rate of a material in a process.  Generally, a corrosion coupon is inserted into the process or pipeline system to monitor and assess the rate and extent of corrosion occurring within the system.  It is held in place by a holder so the corrosivity of the process can be monitored.  The test coupon might be the same material as the pipe or the materials might match the materials of construction of vessel or tank internals.

Other uses for test coupons are measuring the scale deposition rate of water in an industrial water process or to provide a location for the growth of microorganisms for the purposes of quantification or identification.  Corrosion coupons are widely used in industries such as oil and gas, chemical processing, water treatment, and others where corrosion of metals can have significant economic and safety implications.

The corrosion coupon is usually made from the same material as the equipment or pipeline being monitored.  It is installed within the system in a way that exposes it to the same conditions as the surrounding metal.  After a predetermined period, the coupon is removed, cleaned, and carefully measured to determine the amount of metal loss due to corrosion.  This information helps engineers and operators make informed decisions regarding maintenance, material selection, and corrosion prevention strategies.  Corrosion coupons are an important tool in managing the integrity of industrial equipment and ensuring safe and efficient operation, especially in environments where corrosion is a significant concern.

Purpose for using corrosion coupons

  • Corrosion Rate Measurement  -  By placing a corrosion coupon in the system for a specified period of time, the extent of metal loss due to corrosion can be measured.  This helps to determine the corrosion rate and the overall corrosiveness of the environment.
  • Material Selection and Performance Evaluation  -  Corrosion coupons can help in evaluating the compatibility of different materials with specific process conditions.  They provide valuable information for selecting materials that can withstand the corrosive environment.
  • Quality Control and Monitoring  -  Regular monitoring of corrosion coupons helps identify changes in corrosion rates over time.  This information is essential for maintaining the integrity of equipment and systems.
  • Effectiveness of Corrosion Mitigation Measures  -  If corrosion inhibitors or other mitigation methods are being employed, corrosion coupons can be used to assess the effectiveness of these measures.
  • Research and Study  -  Corrosion coupons are often used in research and studies to understand the mechanisms and factors influencing corrosion in specific environments.

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