Displacement Power

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Displacement power is the amount of power required to displace an object a certain distance over time with a known force.  The calculator below determines what the required power is given the inputs on the shown equation. 


Displacement Power calculator

Displacement Power formula

\(\large{ P = \frac {F}{\delta} \; t }\)   


\(\large{ P }\) = power

\(\large{ F }\) = force

\(\large{ \delta }\)  (Greek symbol delta) = displacement

\(\large{ t }\) = time

Solve for:

\(\large{ F = \frac {P \; t}{\delta}  }\)

\(\large{ \delta = \frac {P \; t}{f} }\)

\(\large{ t = \frac {F \; \delta}{P}  }\)

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