Angular Deflection

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angulat deflection FC 1AAngular deflection, abbreviated as \( \theta \) (Greek symbol theta), is when a flex connector is bent on it's centerline.  One end of the hose assembly is deflected or bent with the other end remaining parallel.


Angular Deflection formula

\(\large{ \theta = \frac {F \;l}{2\; \lambda\; I} }\)   


\(\large{ \theta }\)  (Greek symbol theta) = angular deflection

\(\large{ C }\) = connector / coupling

\(\large{ F }\) = force acting on the tip of beam or hose

\(\large{ l }\) = length of beam or hose

\(\large{ r }\) = minimum centerline bend radius for constant flexing

\(\large{ \lambda }\)  (Greek symbol lambda) = modulus of elasticity

\(\large{ I }\) = moment of inertia of area

\(\large{ \pi }\) = Pi


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