Plant Steam

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Plant steam refers to the steam generated in an industrial or commercial facility for various applications within the plant.  Unlike clean steam, which is produced from purified water and intended for specific high purity applications, plant steam is typically generated from ordinary water sources and used for general purposes within the facility.  Plant steam is often produced in a central boiler system that generates steam for multiple uses throughout the plant.  The water used for generating plant steam may undergo some level of treatment, such as filtration and chemical conditioning, to remove large particles and reduce scaling or corrosion within the boiler system.  However, the level of purity and treatment is generally lower compared to clean steam production.

Plant steam is typically produced at different pressure levels based on the specific needs of different applications within the facility.  The steam is distributed through a network of pipes and valves to the various points of use.

It's important to note that the quality and specifications of plant steam may vary depending on the specific requirements of each application.  In cases where higher purity or specific steam quality is necessary, additional treatment or separate steam systems may be implemented,

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