Welding is the fabrication process that fuses like materials togeather by heating them to a suitable temperatures, this can be acomplished by brazing, soldering or welding. The filler metal has a melting point approximately the same or below that of the metals being joined togeather.  Welding is done by melting like metals then add a filler material to the joint, once cooled forming a sturdy joint.  Brazing and soldering is the melting of a filler material that is pulled into the gap between materials joining them togeather.  The brazing filler has a melting point below the materials being joind togeather.

There are many different types of welds, techniques, designs, codes and procedures.


  • WLD - welded
  • WLDR - welder
  • WLDS - weldess


ISO Standards

  • ISO 693 - Dimensions of seam welding wheel blanks
  • ISO 4850 - Personal eye-protectors for welding and related techniques -- Filters -- Utilisation and transmittance requirements
  • ISO 7286 - Graphical symbols for resistance welding equipment
  • ISO 8167 - Projections for resistance welding
  • ISO 15607 - Specification and qualification of welding procedures for metallic materials -- General rules
  • ISO 17846 - Welding and allied processes -- Health and safety -- Wordless precautionary labels for equipment and consumables used in arc welding and cutting
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