Pickup Pipe Support

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Pickup pipe support, is used to provide extra stability, alignment, and support to a pipe or suction line.  This support helps prevent sagging, vibrations, and other forms of movement that could potentially compromise the efficiency, reliability, and safety of the fluid handling system.  In fluid systems, such as those used in industrial processes, water supply, oil and gas transportation, and more, pickup supports are commonly used. 

Key Points about pickup pipe supports

  • Long Distances  -  In cases where the pickup pipe spans a relatively long distance, it might be subject to greater stress, vibrations, or potential misalignment.  Adding an extra support along the length of the pipe helps prevent these issues.
  • Heavy Fluids  -  If the fluid being handled is particularly heavy or dense, it could put extra strain on the pipe.  Additional support can help counteract this strain and maintain the pipe's alignment.
  • High Flow Rates  -  High flow rates can lead to turbulent flows and increased vibrations within the pipe.  An extra support can help dampen these vibrations and maintain stability.
  • Temperature Changes  -  Temperature fluctuations can cause thermal expansion and contraction of the pipe, leading to potential misalignment.  Extra support can help mitigate the effects of thermal expansion.
  • External Factors  -  Vibrations from nearby equipment, machinery, or external forces can affect the stability of pipes.  Additional support helps minimize the impact of these external factors.

An extra pickup pipe support can take the form of brackets, clamps, hangers, or other types of fixtures that secure the pipe in place.  It's designed to work in conjunction with the primary supports and system components to ensure the reliable and efficient operation of the fluid handling system.  The goal of using extra pickup pipe supports is to maintain proper alignment, prevent pipe damage, and ensure a consistent flow of fluids, ultimately contributing to the safe and reliable operation of the entire system.

Pickup Support

Pickup Support 11Pickup One or More Pipes

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