Pipeline Accessories

Pipeline accessories are additional components or devices that are used to enhance, control, or support the operation of pipelines. These accessories play various roles in pipeline systems, ranging from safety and monitoring to maintenance and operational efficiency.  The specific accessories used in a pipeline system depend on the nature of the transported fluid, the operational requirements, and safety considerations. Additionally, industry standards and regulations may dictate the use of certain accessories in specific applications.


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Pipeline Accessories

  • Bleed Ring  -  A ring section with one or more radial pipe connections designed to fit between standard flanges within the bolt circle, using conventional gasket material.
  • Cathodic Protection  -  A technique used to prevent corrosion of metal structures and equipment by making them the cathode of an electrochemical cell.  Corrosion occurs when metal is exposed to an electrolyte, such as water or soil, and a flow of electrons occurs between the metal and the electrolyte,
  • Expansion Joint  -  Designed to withstand pressure and temperatures growth in the piping system.  The thermal movement can be angular, axial or lateral.  The expansion sometimes must be restricted to a specific length to prevent damage of equipment or piping.
  • Flow Meter  -  Flow meters are used to measure the rate of fluid flow within the pipeline. They are crucial for monitoring and managing the transportation of liquids or gases.
  • Instrumentation  -  arious instruments, such as pressure gauges, temperature sensors, and level indicators, are used for monitoring and controlling pipeline parameters.
  • Orifice Plate  -  Measures the flow of a liquid or gas by the difference in pressure from the upstream to the downstream.  This plate creates a restriction in a pipe that causes a difference in pressure between the two sides.
  • Pigging Equipment  -  Pigs and pigging equipment are used for pipeline cleaning, inspection, and maintenance. This includes pig launchers, receivers, and various types of pigs.
  • Pipe Fitting  -  Pipe fittings are components used to connect and join sections of pipe or tubing together.  They are used to change the direction of flow, control the flow rate, or to provide a connection between different types of pipes or tubing.
  • Pipe Flange  -  A bolted connection where two pieces of pipe, equipment, fittings or valves are connected together to form a piping system.  Flanges provide access for when equipment (or piping) needs to be cleaned, inspected or reconfigured.
  • Pipeline Insulation  -  Pipe insulation is a material used to cover and protect pipes, typically for the purpose of preventing heat loss or gain, controlling condensation, and providing thermal insulation.
  • Pipeline Marker  -  Markers and signage are used for identifying the location, type, and ownership of pipelines, helping prevent accidental damage during excavation.
  • Pressure Relief Devices  -  Pressure relief valves and rupture discs are installed to protect pipelines from overpressure conditions, ensuring the safety of the system.
  • Spectacle Blind  -  A safety device used to isolate a section of line or piece of equipment when the line or equipment needs to be inspected or removed from service.  It is different than a valve in that the blind is a permanent or long term isolation device.
  • Split Tee  -  A full encirclement split tee is used when hot tapping into a pipeline.  It is a pipeline fitting designed such that the inner diameter of the fitting is the same size as the outside diameter of the pipe that will be hot tapped. 
  • Straightening Vane  -  Used in pipelines to promote a more uniform and streamlined flow of liquid to straighten the gas flow before going into a gas meter to ensure accurate measurement.
  • Strainer and Filter -  Strainers and filters are installed to remove impurities, debris, or solid particles from the fluid flowing through the pipeline.
  • Scrapers and Cleaning Tools  -  Additional tools, such as scrapers and brushes, may be used for cleaning purposes during pipeline maintenance.
  • Valve  -  Mechanical devices used to control the flow of fluids (liquids or gases) by opening, closing, or partially obstructing a passage.

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