Beam Design Formulas

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Simple Supported Beam

sb 1EUniformly Distributed Load sb 2DLoad Increasing Uniformly to One End sb 3DLoad Increasing Uniformly to Center sb 4DUniform Load Partially Distributed at One End


sb 5DUniform Load Partially Distributed at Any Point sb 6DUniform Load Partially Distributed at Each End sb 7DConcentrated Load at Center sb 8DConcentrated Load at Any Point


sb 13DCentral Point Load and Variable End Moments


Beam Fixed at One End

Beam Fixed at Both Ends

febe 1AUniformaly Distributed Loadfebe 2AConcentrated Load at Centerfebe 3BConcentrated Load at Any Point













Cantilever Beam

cb 1AUniformaly Distributed Loadcb 2ALoad Increasing Uniformly to One End cb 3AUniformly Distributed Load and Variable End Moments cb 4AConcentrated Load at Any Point


cb 5AConcentrated Load at Free Endcb 6ALoad at Free End Deflection Vertically with No Rotation


Overhanging Beam

ob 1AUniformly Distributed Load ob 2AUniformly Distributed Load on Overhang ob 3AUniformly Distributed Load Over Supported Span ob 4AUniformly Distributed Load Overhanging Both Supports


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